Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bull Sperm Can Overcome Hair Loss

The hair loss often experienced not only men but also women.
Various methods have been made to overcome hair loss, but never succeeded. Perhaps, you could try this one unique method.

There are upscale salon in London England, has a unique treatment to overcome hair loss. That is, "Aberdeen Organic Hair" which uses a mixture of bull semen and a plant root extract Katira.

This treatment takes only 45 minutes. Massage will be given to the head using the protein-rich ingredients. According to Benjamin Ahrens, one hairdresser at the salon, the salon owner, Hari Salem, have tried hundreds of products before using the material to make the bull semen hair always looks beautiful.

"We're always looking for the pure form of protein. That's because the hair is given treatment with the protein makes it more powerful and beautiful. Days ago met with a bull breeder when he was on vacation and he told me to say, "Ahrens said as quoted from stophairlossnow.co.uk.

Ahrens added, "The farmer then suggested using bull sperm. It sounds strange but he tried. We also tested on some clients as confidential and the results are very satisfying. Finally, we decided to sell it. "

To make the potion, they also use Katira roots of Iranian origin, who previously had to be soaked for 12 hours. This is to make it turn into a gel texture. Then, the serum of bull sperm was added to the gel. Bull sperm is placed in small bottles which are then stored in the refrigerator.

Herb was first tested on their clients who come from Poland, Jola Bury. He often encounter problems when styling your hair. "I just wish my hair was not dry and damaged. Every time I hold, my hair felt very dry. I hope this herb makes rambuku more volume and a more refined, "said Jola.

Although made from the roots of plants and bull sperm, according to Ahrens, this herb does not smell. High protein content makes hair stronger because herbs soak up the roots.

This treatment offers instant results and can be directly viewed. But to get it, the price paid is quite expensive, about 85 pounds, or Rp1.1 million for the full treatment.

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